Allard Seaworth

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House Seaworth.svg Captain
Allard Seaworth
House Seaworth.svg
Title Captain of the Lady Marya
Allegiance House Seaworth
Born Westeros[1]
Died In 299 ACBlackwater Bay
Father Davos Seaworth
Mother Marya Seaworth

Allard Seaworth is the second son of Ser Davos Seaworth and his wife Marya.[2] He is the captain of the Lady Marya, named for his mother.[2][3]


Allard is the rashest of Davos Seaworth's sons. Davos feels if he had remained a smuggler, Allard might have ended up sentenced to the Wall.[2] Allard is pleased with a chance to prove his valor, even if dangerous.[4] Allard has girlfriends in Oldtown, King's Landing, and Braavos.[5]

Recent Events

A Clash of Kings

During Melisandre's burning of the Dragonstone sept's statues of the Seven, Allard expresses his disapproval, but only in a low voice so not to be overheard by any believers in R'hllor. King Stannis Baratheon orders Allard to travel to Braavos and the other Free Cities to deliver a letter to their rulers. The letter accuses Queen Cersei Lannister of an incestuous relationship with her brother, Ser Jaime, denying the legitimacy of her children and asserting Stannis's claim to the throne of the Seven Kingdoms.[2]

Planning for the Battle of the Blackwater, King Stannis Baratheon's admiral, Lord High Captain Ser Imry Florent, assigns Davos Seaworth and his sons' ships a place in the second line of battle, on the dangerous starboard wing. Allard voices his belief that it is a place of honor, but Davos states it is a place of peril. Allard and his other sons look pityingly at him for his nervousness.[4]

Allard battles on Lady Marya during the Battle of the Blackwater, fighting in the naval combat on the Blackwater Rush. During the fight, the Lady Marya is caught in an explosion of wildfire, destroying it and killing Allard.[4][5]

A Storm of Swords

Davos, a survivor of the Battle of the Blackwater, remembers his four sons who died during the battle. He thinks that Allard's girlfriends will weep when they hear about his death.[5]

Davos asks Salladhor Saan if Lady Marya had managed to escape the destruction of the battle. Salladhor tells him no, and comforts him, saying Allard was a good man.[6]

Davos tells Stannis he planned to murder Melisandre because he believed she sent his sons to the flames, but Stannis tells him the fires were not her work.[7]

A Dance with Dragons

Davos recalls how his four sons died in the Battle of the Blackwater.[8][9][10][11]