Amethyst Empress

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Amethyst Empress
Amethyst Empress Oriana Wiesner.jpg
The Amethyst Empress, by Oriana Wiesner
Biographical Information
Alias Amethyst Empress
Titles God-Empress
Amethyst Empress
Culture Great Empire of the Dawn
Predecessor Opal Emperor
Successor Bloodstone Emperor
Father Opal Emperor
Books The World of Ice & Fire (mentioned)

The Amethyst Empress was the legendary eight ruler of the mythic Great Empire of the Dawn and one of its last monarchs. She succeeded her father, the Opal Emperor but was cast down and slain by her envious younger brother, who crowned himself the Bloodstone Emperor. According to the annals of the Further East, it was the Blood Betrayal, as his usurpation was named, that ushered in the Long Night.[1]


Lion of Night
100 Queens
Pearl Emperor
Jade Emperor
Tourmaline Emperor
Onyx Emperor
Topaz Emperor
Opal Emperor
Unknown wife
Amethyst Empress
Bloodstone Emperor
A tiger-woman


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