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The Hightower on Battle Isle, by Ted Nasmith ©

Battle Island,[1] also called Battle Isle,[2] is a stony island within the city of Oldtown in the Reach.[2]


Battle Island sits in the area where the Honeywine widens and empties into Whispering Sound. The Hightower sits atop the isle's bluffs.[1] It is located at the center of the city.[3]


It is unknown how the island came to be named. Some tales claim dragons once roosted on Battle Isle until the first member of House Hightower put an end to them.[2]

A large square fortress of black stone was constructed on Battle Island by unknown builders.[2] The Hightowers then ruled as kings from the isle, using the stone fortress as a foundation as they built the Hightower atop it.[2]


The stony island where the Hightower stands is known as Battle Isle even in our oldest records, but why? What battle was fought there? When? Between which lords, which kings, which races? Even the singers are largely silent on these matters.[2]

—writings of Yandel