Battle at the Mummer's Ford

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Battle at the Mummer's Ford
Mummers Ford.jpg
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Conflict War of the Five Kings
Date +/- 298AC
Place Mummer's Ford
Result Lannister victory
House Lannister Iron Throne host sent by Eddard Stark
Ser Gregor Clegane Lord Beric Dondarrion
unknown ± 104[1]
unknown Ser Raymun Darry+
Ser Gladden Wylde+
Lord Lothar Mallery+
Lord Beric Dondarrion+ (revived)

The Battle at the Mummer's Ford is more a massacre than a battle. It involves those sent by Lord Eddard Stark, Hand of the King, to arrest Ser Gregor Clegane, the Mountain that Rides, and his forces for crimes committed in the Riverlands.



Lord Tywin Lannister sends Ser Gregor Clegane and others to ravage the countryside in the Riverlands after Catelyn Stark takes Tyrion Lannister prisoner. Lord Hoster Tully sends Ser Marq Piper, Ser Karyl Vance and Ser Raymun Darry to King's Landing to demand justice for the towns that have been pillaged. Lord Eddard Stark, then the King's Hand, obliges, sending out a force under the command of Lord Beric Dondarrion to apprehend Gregor and bring him to justice.[1]

Tywin hopes Ned Stark will lead the force and plans an ambush so he can obtain a hostage to trade for Tyrion. However, Ned's leg is broken by an altercation with Ser Jaime Lannister and he cannot lead himself. Ned passes over the impetuous Ser Loras Tyrell for command, naming Beric to lead the force. With Beric, Ned sends Thoros of Myr, Ser Gladden Wylde and Lord Lothar Mallery, each of whom are to raise 20 men-at-arms, along with 20 Winterfell men (including Alyn and Harwin) to fight alongside them. The force sets out along with Piper and Vance's men, but once word reaches them of the Battle of the Golden Tooth, Marq and Karyl leave on their own to attack the Lannister supply lines and help break Jaime Lannister's siege of Riverrun.


The force under Beric Dondarrion is intercepted at the Mummer's Ford by forces from House Lannister. They make a fighting retreat only to be taken in the rear by Gregor Clegane and his men. Lothar Mallery, Gladden Wylde and Raymun Darry are all killed, as are most of Lord Eddard's men.[2] Beric is killed as well by the Mountain's lance. Young Lord Edric Dayne, participating as Beric's squire, pulls him out of the Red Fork and stands over the body while the battle rages around them.[3] Alyn of Winterfell manages to rally the survivors into a retreat. Meanwhile, Thoros reflexively says the words of his faith that restores Beric to life.


At Moat Cailin, Robb Stark tells his mother, Catelyn Tully, that the Lannisters have won victories at the Golden Tooth and the Mummer's Ford, and that Lord Tywin Lannister has closed off the kingsroad and is marching north towards Harrenhal.[2] However, the survivors of Beric's company form the core of the brotherhood without banners. Later at the crossroads inn, after hearing of the Whispering Wood and the Battle of the Camps, Tywin tells Tyrion and Kevan Lannister that Thoros of Myr and Beric Dondarrion continue to plague their foraging parties.[4]

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