Battle of the Redwyne Straits

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Battle of the Redwyne Straits
Conflict War of the Five Kings
Date 300 AC
Place Redwyne Straits, the Reach
Result Unresolved
Kingdom of the Isles and the North/House Greyjoy Iron Throne/House Baratheon of King's Landing:

The Reach, led by House Tyrell

King Euron Greyjoy Lord Paxter Redwyne
Ser Baelor Hightower
Ser Garth Hightower
Ironborn fleets (excluding the Iron Fleet) Redwyne fleet
Hightower fleet

The Battle of the Redwyne Straits is a major battle in Euron Greyjoy's new campaign after his ascension to King of the Isles and the North. It takes place in the Redwyne Straits in the Reach.


Following the taking of the Shield Islands, the ironborn raid up the Mander, on Arbor coastline and up the Whispering Sound. An invasion of the Arbor is launched and a battle takes place on the Whispering Sound. These attacks, however, were largely a diversion to keep the northern half of the Reach, close to the Shields and Mander, from sending aid to the south, around the Arbor and Whispering Sound, once Euron moved to attack Oldtown itself.[1]

Euron leads the main ironborn fleets south towards the Arbor from the Iron Islands after capturing his brother Aeron. They make port at a captured island off the coast of the Arbor.

Upon hearing of the approach of the Redwyne fleet towards the Reach, Lord Leyton Hightower sent Oldtown's local but still substantial fleet south of out of Whispering Sound under the command of his sons to attack the ironborn fleet in the rear, hoping this will force them to divide their forces between two fronts.[1]

The ironborn are aware of the approach of both fleets, but led by Euron they seem unconcerned.[2] Euron prepares for battle wearing an armor suit made of Valyrian steel.


The battle will be the largest naval engagement of the War of the Five Kings since the Battle of the Blackwater.


We are going back to sea. The Redwyne fleet creeps toward us. The winds have been against them rounding Dorne, but they’re finally near enough to have emboldened the old women in Oldtown, so now Leyton Hightower’s sons move down the Whispering Sound in hopes of catching us in the rear.[3]
Stonehand, to Aeron Damphair.

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