Ben Buttercakes

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Ben Buttercakes
Culture Reach
Died 130 AC[1]
Hogs Head, Bitterbridge[1]
Book Fire & Blood (mentioned)

Ben Buttercakes was the owner of Hogs Head, a disreputable inn in Bitterbridge, during the Dance of the Dragons.[1]


Archmaester Gyldayn describes Ben as a scoundrel.[1]


The disguised Rickard Thorne of the Kingsguard and his charge, Prince Maelor Targaryen, tried to stay overnight in the Hogs Head while journeying to the safety of Lord Ormund Hightower's host at the nearby siege of Longtable. Ben Buttercakes instructed his stableboy, Sly, to search for coins in Rickard's belongings, but Sly found Maelor's dragon egg wrapped in Rickard's white cloak instead. When he informed the inn's common room of his discovery, Rickard fled the inn with Maelor, slaying Ben on his way out.[1]


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