Bernarr II Justman

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Bernarr II Justman
House Justman.PNG
Biographical Information
Full Name Bernarr of House Justman, the Second of his Name
Other Titles King of the Trident
Culture Rivermen
Royal House House Justman
Successor none
Issue three sons slain by Qhored Hoare
Books The World of Ice & Fire (mentioned)

Bernarr II Justman was the last King of the Trident from the line of House Justman.


Bernarr's three sons were taken as hostages after the river lords were defeated by Qhored Hoare, King of the Iron Islands. Three years later Qhored murdered Bernarr's sons, whilst they were held captive in Pyke,[1] because Bernarr was slow to pay tribute. Qhored's ironborn crushed Bernarr's hopeless war for vengeance, and Bernarr was drowned as a sacrifice to the Drowned God. The fall of the Justmans led the riverlands into a century of anarchy.[2][3]


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