Bessa (Hag's Mire)

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Culture Rivermen
Died Hag's Mire
Book A Storm of Swords (mentioned)

Bessa was a girl from Hag's Mire.[1]


Chett considered Bessa to be promiscuous.[1]


Bessa was once propositioned by Chett, who had picked wildflowers for her. Bessa rejected and mocked him, however, on account of his ugliness. The angry Chett then stabbed the girl repeatedly with his knife and watched her die. Chett fled Hag's Mire, but was caught at Sevenstreams and forced by Ser Walder Rivers to join the Night's Watch.[1]

Recent Events

A Storm of Swords

As snow begins to fall shortly before the fight at the Fist, Chett sees the murdered girl's face before him.[1]


It wasn't the knife I wanted to put in you, he wanted to tell her. I picked you flowers, wild roses and tansy and goldencups, it took me all morning.[1]

—thoughts of Chett