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Bloodmages are practitioners of bloodmagic. The shadowbinders and bloodmages of the Further East are said to work their terrible sorceries at night.[1] They are welcome in Asshai, where they can practice their arts and rituals with impunity.[2]


Bloodmages were prominent in the Valyrian Freehold.[3][4] They were very powerful, and not all bloodmages came from dragonlord families, although there was overlap between the two groups.[5]

Septon Barth, in his Dragons, Wyrms, and Wyverns: Their Unnatural History, speculated that the bloodmages of Valyria employed wyvern stock to create dragons.[4] In the flesh pits of Gogossos, bloodmages mated beast to slave-women to bring forth twisted half-human children.[3] Even though magic is said to have died out in the west after the Doom of Valyria,[1] it is believed that bloodmagic is still practiced in Qohor, one of the daughters of Valyria, to this day.[6]

Mirri Maz Duur, a maegi, was taught by a bloodmage from the Shadow Lands.[7]


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