Bloodstone Emperor

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The Bloodstone Emperor
Bloodstone Emperor by eliyadoodles.png
The Bloodstone Emperor, by eliyadoodles
Biographical Information
Other Titles God-Emperor
Bloodstone Emperor
Culture Yi Ti
Predecessor The Amethyst Empress
Successor None
Father The Opal Emperor
Books The World of Ice and Fire (Mentioned)

The Bloodstone Emperor was a the legendary ninth and last ruler of the mythic Great Empire of the Dawn. He was the son of the Opal Emperor and the younger brother of the Amethyst Empress, who succeeded their father. Envious, he slew his sister and proclaimed himself the Bloodstone Emperor.

His was a reign of terror. The Bloodstone Emperor not only practiced torture, but also dark arts, such as necromancy. He enslaved his own people, took a tiger-woman for wife, feasted on human flesh and cast down the true gods of Yi Ti, to worship a black stone that fell from the sky. The Blood Betrayal, as his usurpation is known is the annals of the Further East, ushered in the Long Night, in which the Maiden-Made-of-Light turned her back upon the world and the Lion of Night came forth in all his power to punish the wickedness of man.

He's believed by some scholars to have been the first High Priest of the sinister Church of Starry Wisdom.[1]

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