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of the Blackwater
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Bronn by Amok.jpg
Bronn, by Amok©

Born 264268 AC[3]
Spouse Lady Lollys Stokeworth
Personal arms A flaming chain, green, bendwise sinister on smoke-grey
(Cendrée, a chain enflamed vert bendwise sinister)

Played by Jerome Flynn
TV series Game of Thrones:
Season 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

Bronn is a low-born sellsword of great skill and cunning. In the television adaptation Game of Thrones, he is played by Jerome Flynn.

Appearance and Character

Bronn is a tall man,[4] thin and hard as a bone.[5] He has black hair which falls over[6] his black eyes, and he has a stubble of a beard.[5] Bronn has a wolfish smile,[7] and is as quick as a cat.[8]

The sellsword has a black sense of humor,[9] and a pragmatic, thoroughly amoral philosophy.[10][6] He is illiterate.[11]

Bronn wears black oiled ringmail over boiled leather, a round steel halfhelm with a noseguard, and a mail coif.[4] Bronn wields a longsword, which he often hones, and a long dirk.[10] He can fight with a blade in each hand[5] and prefers not to use a shield.[4]

Recent Events

A Game of Thrones

Ser Vardis Egen dueling Bronn at the Eyrie, by Marc Simonetti ©

Bronn and Chiggen are sellswords present when Lady Catelyn Stark and Ser Rodrik Cassel arrive at the inn at the crossroads. When Catelyn calls for loyal men to help her arrest Tyrion Lannister for the attempted murder of her son, Bran Stark,[12] the sellswords heed her call and help escort Tyrion along the high road to the Vale of Arryn.[5] Tyrion notes that Bronn and Chiggen only came to Catelyn's aid because they are sellswords and are hoping for a reward.[10]

When the party comes under attack by clans of the Mountains of the Moon, Bronn cuts down several of the wildlings on horseback and then fights with two swords after being unhorsed.[5] He claims Jyck's fine boots after the Lannister guard dies.[5] Bronn becomes closer to Tyrion,[5] to Catelyn's unease.[13] When they are attacked again the next night, Chiggen is mortally wounded and Bronn discreetly finishes him off, claiming to Catelyn that Chiggen died from his wounds.[5]

During Tyrion's trial at the Eyrie, Bronn volunteers to champion him in trial by combat,[14] in expectation of Lannister gold.[10] Bronn kills Ser Vardis Egen, the champion of Lady Lysa Arryn, in the godswood of the Eyrie, thereby saving Tyrion's life while losing a tooth in the duel.[4]

While taking the high road back to the riverlands, Bronn enters into Tyrion's service as a hired sword and Tyrion reveals he was briefly married to Tysha.[10] They are approached by clansmen, but Tyrion enlists them to his cause.[10]

After they join the host of Lord Tywin Lannister, Bronn finds Shae for Tyrion amongst the camp followers, taking her from a knight.[8] He and Tyrion take part in the battle on the Green Fork.[8] When Tywin sends his son to King's Landing to act as Hand of the King, Bronn accompanies Tyrion.[15]

A Clash of Kings

Bronn, by Pojypojy ©

In King's Landing, Bronn recruits a force of sellswords, eventually near eight hundred,[16] to protect Tyrion Lannister, alongside the City Watch and Tyrion's clansmen.[17] A freshly-shaven Bronn becomes the captain of Tyrion's guards, wearing the crimson cloak of the Lannisters and the black breastplate of the City Watch.[6] Bronn scoffs at the wight hand brought to the capital by Ser Alliser Thorne, which has decomposed.[18]

Tyrion has Bronn find a thief, a poisoner, a mummer, and a murderer for his plot to free Jaime Lannister from captivity at Riverrun.[18] The scheme later fails, however, when the four are discovered by Ser Edmure Tully.[19]

Bronn pairs with a Dornish girl when Tyrion meets Shae at Chataya's brothel.[20] When King Joffrey I Baratheon has the Kingsguard beat Sansa Stark after the Battle of Oxcross, Tyrion has Bronn and Timett protect the humiliated girl.[21]

Bronn protects Tyrion during the riot of King's Landing, as well as afterward from an angry Ser Boros Blount. Tyrion assigns Bronn to protect the water wagons dealing with fires started by the rioters.[22]

With Stannis Baratheon's host traveling north toward King's Landing, Tyrion orders Bronn to have the waterfront burned between the Blackwater Rush and the city walls.[16] Queen Cersei Lannister has Ser Osmund Kettleblack named to the Kingsguard, but the man is actually one of Bronn's informants.[16]

During the Battle of the Blackwater, Bronn is put in charge of having oxen pull Tyrion's massive chain tight across the Blackwater, which prevents Stannis's ships from escaping wildfire.[23] He receives knighthood after the battle,[24] one of the six hundred men knighted by Osmund, Ser Balon Swann, and Ser Meryn Trant of the Kingsguard.[25][1]

A Storm of Swords

While a wounded Tyrion Lannister recovers from his wounds, Bronn reveals that Lord Tywin Lannister put him forward for knighthood. Ser Bronn of the Blackwater takes as his sigil a green, flaming chain on a smoking grey field, in commemoration of his role in the Battle of the Blackwater. He wears soft leather boots, a wide with nuggets of silver, a wool doublet, and a pale green silk cloak.[1] Tywin, the Hand of the King, brings his own guards to King's Landing, and Ser Kevan Lannister dismisses the sellswords hired by Bronn for Tyrion.[1]

Rather than the cheaper brothels he would previously have patronized, Ser Bronn is now able to visit Chataya's brothel on his own, sleeping with Alayaya and Marei.[26] He investigates the late Ser Mandon Moore, who attempted to kill Tyrion at the Blackwater,[27] and he attends the wedding of Tyrion and Sansa Stark.[28]

Tyrion has Bronn discreetly kill the singer Symon Silver Tongue after Symon tries to blackmail Tyrion, with Symon ending up in a bowl of brown in one of Flea Bottom's pot shops.[29] Bronn and Podrick Payne accompany Tyrion when he meets the retinue of Prince Oberyn Martell from Dorne.[30]

Tyrion is arrested after the death of his nephew, King Joffrey I Baratheon, at his wedding feast.[31] Cersei deprives her hated brother of an ally by arranging for Ser Bronn to wed Lollys Stokeworth, as Lady Tanda Stokeworth is desperate for someone to wed her daughter. Bronn refuses to champion Tyrion a second time in a trial by combat, as it would mean facing the monstrous Ser Gregor Clegane.[7] Oberyn volunteers to champion Tyrion, but he is slain by the Mountain in single combat.[32]

At the Fingers, Lord Petyr Baelish reveals to Sansa that the Kettleblack brothers are actually in his employ, not Bronn's.[33]

A Feast for Crows

Bronn by Natascha Röösli © Fantasy Flight Games

Lady Tanda Stokeworth informs Queen Regent Cersei Lannister that Bronn has given the name of Tyrion Tanner to the bastard son of his new wife, Lollys Stokeworth, in dubious honor of his former employer, Tyrion Lannister.[34]

The elderly Tanda shatters her hip while riding.[35] Bronn takes four knights into his household at Castle Stokeworth, although Lollys's elder sister, Falyse Stokeworth, and her husband, Ser Balman Byrch, tell Cersei that they are upjumped sellswords. Cersei fears that Bronn is still in league with Tyrion, who vanished after the murder of Lord Tywin Lannister. Cersei suggests that Falyse and Balman have Bronn die in a hunting mishap.[35]

The chivalrous Balman instead challenges Bronn to single combat, planning to unhorse Bronn with his lance and then kill the stunned man on the ground. Bronn drives his lance through Balman's horse, however, which upends Balman and leaves him with crushed legs. When Balman asks for mercy, Bronn stabs him in the eye with his dagger and orders Falyse to leave Stokeworth. Claiming to be Lord Stokeworth, Bronn gives Falyse's clothes to Lollys.[2] To prevent the queen's involvement from becoming known, Cersei sends Falyse to Qyburn,[2] and the widow dies during his experiments.[36][37]

Tanda dies from a chill, with Lollys succeeding her as Lady Stokeworth and Bronn as her lord.[36]

A Dance with Dragons

Exiled in Essos, Tyrion Lannister uses Bronn as an example of his generosity while attempting to gain the favor of the Second Sons.[38]

Quotes by Bronn

Ser Bronn, by Pojypojy ©

Tyrion: Scum you may be, but you're undeniably useful, and with a sword in your hand you're almost as good as my brother Jaime. What do you want, Bronn? Gold? Land? Women? Keep me alive, and you'll have it.
Bronn: And if you die?
Tyrion: Why then, I'll have one mourner whose grief is sincere. The gold ends when I do.[10]

Tyrion Lannister and Bronn

Tyrion: How do you know which ones to hire?

Bronn: I look them over. I question them, to learn where they've fought and how well they lie. And then I give them a chance to kill me, while I do the same for them.
Tyrion: Have you killed any?

Bronn: No one we could have used.[17]

Tyrion Lannister and Bronn

Tyrion: Tell me, Bronn. If I told you to kill a babe ... an infant girl, say, still at her mother's breast ... would you do it? Without question?
Bronn: Without question? No. I'd ask how much.[17]

Tyrion Lannister and Bronn

By your lord father's command, I'm Ser Bronn of the Blackwater now, Imp. See you don't forget it.[1]

—Bronn to Tyrion Lannister

I like you well enough, ugly little whoreson that you are ... but if I fight your battle, I lose either way. Either the Mountain spills my guts, or I kill him and lose Stokeworth. I sell my sword, I don't give it away. I'm not your bloody brother.[7]

—Bronn to Tyrion Lannister

Quotes about Bronn

Jerome Flynn as Bronn in Game of Thrones

Courage he had, and strength, but there was no kindness in him, and little loyalty.[13]

—thoughts of Catelyn Stark

She had seen Bronn fight on the high road; it was no accident that he had survived the journey while other men had died. He moved like a panther, and that ugly sword of his seemed a part of his arm.[4]

—thoughts of Catelyn Stark

And this is Bronn, a sellsword of no particular allegiance. He has already changed sides twice in the short time I've known him, you and he ought to get on famously, Father.[39]

Every lord has need of a beast from time to time ... a lesson you seem to have learned, judging from Ser Bronn and those clansmen of yours.[1]

Is it your fault that Bronn's an insolent black-hearted rogue? He’s always been an insolent black-hearted rogue. That's what I liked about him.[7]

Bronn was no knight, that was true. Bronn was a battle-hardened killer.[40]

—thoughts of Cersei Lannister

Tyrion: You will find, Lord Plumm, that I can be very generous to my friends. If you doubt me, ask Bronn. Ask Shagga, son of Dolf. Ask Timett, son of Timett.

Tybero: And who would they be?

Tyrion: Good men who pledged me their swords and prospered greatly by that service. Oh, very well, I lied about the 'good' part. They're bloodthirsty bastards, like you lot.[38]


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