Byron Swann

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Byron Swann
House Swann.svg
Title Ser[1]
Allegiance House Swann
Culture Marcher
Died In 130 AC[1], at King's Landing[1]
Book(s) A Dance with Dragons (mentioned)
Fire & Blood (mentioned)

Byron Swann was a knight from House Swann during the reign of Aegon II Targaryen.[2] He was the second son of the ruling Lord of Stonehelm during the civil war known as the Dance of the Dragons.[1]


He was killed by Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen's dragon Syrax during the Dance. He tried to kill the dragon by sneaking up behind his shield so the dragon would see only its reflection, as Serwyn of the Mirror Shield famously did to the dragon Urrax.[2]

Grand Maester Munkun stated in his book The Dance of the Dragons, A True Telling that it was the dragon Vhagar who Ser Byron tried to kill. However this is unlikely since Vhagar was ridden by Prince Aemond Targaryen, the brother of King Aegon II and House Swann supported Aegon II. Ser Byron's squire, who saw him die, wrote his daughter that Syrax killed Ser Byron.[2]


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