Captain of the Myraham

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Captain of the Myraham
Title Captain of the Myraham
Culture Reach
Born Oldtown
Issue Daughter

The captain of the Myraham is a ship captain and a merchant from Oldtown. He has one daughter.[1]


He is a large man.[1]

Recent Events

A Clash of Kings

While at Seagard, the captain is hired by Theon Greyjoy to bring him back to Iron Islands. He reluctantly agrees to take his ship close to Pyke's cliffs so that Theon can have a better look at his childhood castle.[1] Once his mission completed, the captain wants to leave the Iron Islands but is fobidden by Theon's father, Lord Balon Greyjoy, who wants to prevent the news of the host he is gathering to reach the mainland of Westeros.[2]

A Storm of Swords

After Balon's death, chaos ensues in the Iron Islands which gives the captain the opportunity to sail back to Seagard. He is later brought before King Robb Stark at Hag's Mire by Lord Jason Mallister to announce Balon's death to Robb.[3]


Some readers speculated that the old man and the young mother whom Samwell Tarly sees at the Weeping Dock at Oldtown are the captain of the Myraham and his daughter, who has given birth to a bastard child of Theon Greyjoy.[4]


We're out of Oldtown, bearing apples and oranges, wines from the Arbor, feathers from the Summer Isles. I have pepper, woven leathers, a bolt of Myrish lace, mirrors for milady, a pair of Oldtown woodharps sweet as any you ever heard. And I've brought your heir back to you.[1]

—the captain of the Myraham to the men at Lordsport


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