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Cassella Vaith.jpg
Cassella Vaith, by Magali Villeneuve, as depicted in The World of Ice & Fire

Title Lady[1]
Allegiance House Vaith
Culture Dornishmen
Father Lord Vaith
Lover King Aegon IV Targaryen

Cassella Vaith was a member of House Vaith and a Lady of Vaith. She was the third mistress of Aegon IV Targaryen, although prior to his ascent the Iron Throne.[2]


Cassella was a willowy maid with green eyes and pale whiteblond hair.[2]


After the Submission of Sunspear during the Conquest of Dorne, Cassella was one of the hostages sent to King's Landing, as she was the daughter of Lord Vaith. She was escorted by Prince Aegon, who kept Cassella a "hostage" in his own chambers.[2]

After the Dornishmen revolted and killed King Daeron I Targaryen, all the hostages were to be killed. Aegon, by then bored of her, returned Cassella to her place with the other prisoners. The new king, Baelor I Targaryen, pardoned all the hostages and personally took them back to Dorne.[2]

Cassella never wed or had children, and in her old age she was consumed by the delusion that she had been Aegon’s one true love and that he would soon send for her.[2]

Once at Vaith, Dunk met an aged Lady Vaith and spoke to her with such lack of grace as to put his own life and Egg's in danger. According to Egg, however, Lady Vaith was mad, so it is unclear if that danger could have been avoided.[1] It remains unconfirmed if Cassella and this mad Lady Vaith are the same woman.


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