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Alias The Grey Pup
Title Maester
Allegiance House Webber
Culture Ironborn
Book(s) The Sworn Sword (appears)

Maester Cerrick was the maester at Coldmoat at the beginning of the second century. He was in the service of Lady Rohanne of House Webber.


Cerrick is a young man. He has a great hooked nose.[1]


Maester Cerrick designed the dam of the Chequy Water river, which infuriated Ser Eustace Osgrey.[1]

After Ser Duncan the Tall fought Ser Lucas the Longinch in a trial by battle, Maester Cerrick treated his wounds. Though Dunk had drowned in the river where they fought, Cerrick's ironborn origins and his studies of their methods allowed him to bring Dunk back from the brink of death. While Ser Duncan was recovering but still unconscious, his squire Egg forced Cerrick to first taste anything he gave to the knight.[1]

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