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Clarice Osgrey

Title Mistress of the Queen's household
Culture Reach
Spouse Unknown
Lover Lord George Graceford (rumored)[1]
Book Fire & Blood (mentioned)

Clarice Osgrey was a noblewoman of House Osgrey during the reign of King Aegon III Targaryen. She was mistress of the households of Aegon's two queens, Jaehaera Targaryen and Daenaera Velaryon.[2][1]


Clarice was the widowed aunt of Unwin Peake, Lord of Starpike. It is unknown if she was a maternal or paternal aunt, and whether she was an Osgrey by birth or by marriage. When her nephew became Hand of the King, he brought his own trusted kin to court, and Unwin put Clarice in charge of Queen Jaehaera's household, supervising her maids and servants.[2] She managed Queen Daenaera's household after Jaehaera's death and stayed in her position after her nephew resigned as Hand.[3]

According to Mushroom, Clarice was the lover of George Graceford, Lord of Holyhall and Lord Confessor, and was aroused by torture, sometimes joining Lord Graceford in the dungeons to assist him in his work.[1]

After a poisoning attempt against the king and queen, Clarice was suspected, as she supervised the ladies in Daenaera's household, and was well-acquainted with all the confessed conspirators. However, the three accused, Cassandra Baratheon, Lucinda Penrose, and Priscella Hogg, all denied Clarice having a part in the poisoning.[1]


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