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Culture Westeros
Book A Clash of Kings (appears)

Cutjack is one of the recruits for the Night’s Watch found by Yoren[1] and is part of the band marching north to the Wall.[2]


Cutjack is plump and always wears a leather apron in which he carries a hammer.[2]


Cutjack used to be a stonemason.[2]

Recent Events

A Clash of Kings

Cutjack is part of the band of recruits which are escorted north to the Wall by Yoren from King's Landing. When being confronted by a group of gold cloaks searching for Gendry at an inn with a bathhouse, Cutjack is one of the recruits who willingly aids Yoren in resisting handing the boy over. He takes a hammer from his leather apron to use it as weapon. Eventually, the gold cloaks retreat without a fight.[2]

Now avoiding the kingsroad, the group moves west- and northwards on side roads in the direction of the Gods Eye. At a burned-down village, Cutjack joins Yoren and Murch in investigating the holdfast. Cutjack and Murch bring back a woman whose arm has been cut off at the elbow, while Yoren holds a little girl in his arms. When the woman dies that night, Cutjack and Gendry dig a grave for her on a hillside beneath a weeping willow.[3]

When the group decides to spend the night in the holdfast of a deserted town on the southern shore of the Gods Eye, Yoren assigns Cutjack, Kurz and Tarber the task of holding vigil from on high at the towerhouse of the town.[4] The whole town is burned down that night by men under the command of Ser Amory Lorch. Lorch and his men attack the holdfast, and kill most of the group of Night's Watch recruits.[4] However, Lorch and his men cannot put the towerhouse on fire and lack the patience to starve Cutjack, Kurz, and Tarber out. The three later reunite with Arya Stark and the few others who had escaped the holdfast via a tunnel.[5] After Kurz dies from an infection of the wound he received during the struggle, Cutjack and Tarber take everything of value and abandon the other survivors.[5]