Battle Above the Gods Eye

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Battle Above the Gods Eye
Daemon vs Aemond.jpg
Daemon killing Aemond by Douglas Wheatley in Fire & Blood
Conflict Dance of the Dragons
Date 22nd day of the 5th moon of 130 AC
Place Above the skies of the Gods Eye
Result Death of all combatants
Rhaenyra Targaryen.svg Blacks Aegon II Targaryen.svg Greens
House Targaryen.svg Prince Daemon Targaryen House Targaryen.svg Prince Aemond Targaryen
Daemon on Caraxes Aemond on Vhagar

The Battle Above the Gods Eye[1] was an aerial duel that took place in the skies above Harrenhal and the Gods Eye between two of the most powerful dragons, Vhagar and Caraxes, and their riders, Prince Aemond Targaryen and Prince Daemon Targaryen, during the civil war called the Dance of the Dragons.[2]


After leaving Maidenpool, Daemon challenged Aemond, waiting for thirteen days at Harrenhal until Aemond stopped burning the riverlands to come face him.

Aemond arrived on the fourteenth day, accompanied by his pregnant lover, Alys Rivers. Aemond and Daemon talked briefly before mounting their dragons. Aemond passionately kissed Alys goodbye.[2]


The duel was said to be a sight to see. The sun was setting as the two dragons took to the sky. The dragons' shrieks and roars could be heard from a dozen miles away. So bright was the dragonfire that smallfolk feared the sky was aflame. Caraxes slammed into Vhagar, locking his jaws on Vhagar's neck. Both dragons were grappling as they descended from the sky. Caraxes's jaw continued to tighten around Vhagar's neck even as Vhagar's teeth tore Caraxes's wing and his claws opened Caraxes's belly. Prince Daemon is said to have leapt from his saddle on Caraxes on to Vhagar. Daemon drove his blade, Dark Sister, through his nephew's empty eye socket just as both dragons collided with the Gods Eye lake below, sending up a gout of water so high it was as tall as the Kingspyre Tower at Harrenhal. Neither man could have survived.[2]


The loss of both Aemond and Daemon and their powerful dragons was a severe blow to both the greens and the blacks. Each side lost a capable warrior and commander, as well as a powerful dragon.[2]

Vhagar's corpse was found years later, with Prince Aemond's armored corpse still chained to her saddle with Dark Sister through his eye. Vhagar's skull was brought to King's Landing and displayed on the walls of the throne room. Dark Sister was restored to House Targaryen.[2]

Caraxes lived long enough to crawl from the Gods Eye back to the shore, where he died near Harrenhal. Daemon's body was never found, however. Some tales claim Daemon survived and later went to find his lover Nettles, but most historians dismiss this, believing instead that Daemon's body was carried away by currents or consumed by fish.[2]


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