Denys Marbrand

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Denys Marbrand

Title Ser
Lord (semi-canon)[1]
Allegiance House Marbrand
Book(s) The Hedge Knight (appears)

Ser Denys Marbrand was a knight of House Marbrand during the reign of King Daeron II Targaryen.[2]


Denys was a participant in the tourney at Ashford Meadow fighting under the Marbrand banner. His name was given in the Roll of Arms in the comic book adaptation of The Hedge Knight.[2]

Behind the Scenes

According to the semi-canon unabridged version of "The Westerlands" chapter from The World of Ice and Fire, Denys Marbrand was the father of Lady Jeyne Marbrand, wife to Lord Tytos Lannister. In this earlier draft of the chapter, he became a strong supporter of Tytos once he became Lord of Casterly Rock. When King Aegon V Targaryen became angered with the over-grasping House Tarbeck, Tytos sent Denys to capture Lord Walderan Tarbeck and Lady Ellyn Tarbeck. Roger Reyne, Lord of Castamere and Ellyn's brother, led a host in attacking the Marbrand men in the night, slaying the old warrior Denys before he reached Tarbeck Hall. Ser Reynard Reyne convinced Tytos that the attack was a misunderstanding, claiming that Roger was unaware of Denys's identity and thought he was attacking outlaws.[1]

In the published version of the chapter, however, Jeyne's father was changed to Alyn Marbrand.[3] Denys and Alyn have "some relation".[4]