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Alias The Dragon of the North
Title Khal
Race Dothraki
Culture Dothraki
Book(s) The World of Ice and Fire (mentioned)

Dhako was a Dothraki khal who lived during the Century of Blood,[1] and the grandson of Khal Onqo.[2]


When Dhako approached the city of Ibbish to sack it, its inhabitants took to their ships and fled. Dhako put the city to the torch and named it Vaes Aresak, or City of Cowards. In his wroth, Dhako burned not only the abandoned city, but so much of the surrounding countryside he was thereafter known as the Dragon of the North.[2]

The Braavosi adventurer Terrio Erastes, who witnessed the destruction of Ibbish while a guest of Khal Dhako, wrote in his chronicle Fire Upon the Grass that Dhako took great pride in being known as the Dragon of the North. Terrio wrote that Dhako came to rue it, however, when his khalasar was broken by that of the younger Khal Temmo, who took the elder captive and fed him to the flames after cutting off his hands, feet, and genitals, and roasting them before his eyes, after first burning his wives and sons in the same manner.[2]

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