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Princess Daenerys Targaryen is a member of House Targaryen, the former royal family of the Seven Kingdoms. Her father was King Aerys II, and her mother was his sister-wife Queen Rhaella. Daenerys was conceived during Robert's Rebellion which would ultimately end her family's reign. Before she was born, following the defeat at the Battle of the Trident, her pregnant mother and brother, Viserys, were sent from King's Landing to Dragonstone for safekeeping, the family ancestral seat.

Daenerys was born as a fierce storm struck Dragonstone, and so is called Stormborn. Her mother died as a result of the labor. By that time the war was lost, Robert I Baratheon had claimed the Iron Throne, and Daenerys's family was dead, aside from her older brother, Viserys. Prior to the assault on Dragonstone, the castle's garrison wanted to sell the children to the Usurper, Robert. Before the garrison could act on this plan, Ser Willem Darry and several other loyal retainers rescued the children and smuggled them to the Free City of Braavos. Read more....

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