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A firemage conjures a dragon made of fire

Firemages are magic practitioners that conjure and control flames.

Recent events

A Clash of Kings

During her stay in Qarth, Daenerys Targaryen and Jhogo see the performance of a firemage that conjures a ladder of swirling flame in the air, rising unsupported from the floor of a bazaar. The mage urges the flames reach higher with the sweeps of his arms until it rises forty feet high and then climbs it, each rung he touches dissolving after him. After he reaches the top, the ladder dissappears along with the mage. The shadowbinder Quaithe reveals that it is not a trick, and that, half a year before, the man could barely wake fire from dragonglass and had some skill with wildfire and powders as well as walk on hot coals and make burning roses bloom in the air; Quaithe then adds that his powers have grown thanks to Daenerys hatching her dragons.[1]

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