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Gerold Grafton (king)

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Gerold Grafton
Biographical Information
Full Name Gerold Grafton
Other Titles King
Royal House House Grafton
Predecessor Osgood III Shett, King of the True Men
Spouse A daughter of King Osgood
Books The World of Ice & Fire (mentioned)

Ser Gerold Grafton was an Andal knight from Andalos who established the rule of House Grafton over Gulltown.


Ser Gerold made an alliance with First Man King Osgood III Shett, King of the True Men, to fight against Bronze King Yorwyck VI Royce. Gerold took Osgood's daughter as wife, gave the King his eldest daughter as bride, and gave a younger daughter to Osgood's son and heir. All this marriages were performed by septons in rites according to the Faith of the Seven.[citation needed]

Ser Gerold aided King Osgood in winning against King Yorwyck VI, but afterward, it was rumored, he struck down his good-father. After returning to Gulltown, Gerold claimed Osgood's crown and confined Osgood's heir to his bedchambers until he had gotten Gerold's daughter with child. Afterward the prince vanished from history.[citation needed]

Gulltown rose against King Gerold, who brutally put down the protests, executing men, women and children and having their bodies thrown in the bay to feed the crabs. In the following years, House Grafton's rule was uncontested, for King Gerold proved to be a sage and clever ruler, making Gulltown prosper enough to grow into the first and only city in the Vale.[1]