Girl bought to please a king

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girl bought to please a king
Culture Lys
Book(s) A Dance with Dragons (Appears)

The girl bought to please a king is one of Illyrio Mopatis’s slaves in his manse in Pentos. She speaks the Common Tongue. She offers to tell Tyrion her name but he says it is of no interest to him.


She is blond, blue-eyed, fair, young and willowy.


She was trained as a bed slave in Lys. She was taught the Common Tongue at some point. She was bought "to please the king" in the bedchamber. According to Illyrio the king enjoyed her greatly.

Recent Events

A Dance with Dragons

She attends to Tyrion Lannister’s needs during his stay in Illyrio's manse having been told by magister Illyrio to scrub his back and warm his bed. Upon meeting her Tyrion asked her if she knows where whores go, she flushes at the question and tries to answer him but is unable to grasp the questions and asks him if it is a riddle. Tyrion reminds himself that the girl is not Shae, only some little fool.

After bathing him she asks Tyrion if he wants her after he has eaten with Illyrio. He tells he no but he thinks the girl takes that disappointment too well for his liking, this angers him and he changes his mind and tells her to wait for him in bed naked and to keep her mouth shut and her thighs open. He gives her a leer, hoping for a taste of fear, but all she gives him is revulsion. Tyrion threatens to strangle her and then he gets the fear he wants.

When he joins Illyrio for supper Illyrio asks him if he enjoyed the girl he sent him, Tyrion tells him that she did all that was required of her.

Quotes by the girl

“Whores sell themselves for coin.” “Or jewels, or gowns, or castles. But where do they go?”


“It might please m’lord to strangle you. That’s how I served my last whore. Do you think your master would object? Surely not. He has a hundred more like you, but no one else like me.”
- Tyrion Lannister, to the girl

She was trained in Lys, where they make an art of love. The king enjoyed her greatly.”
- Illyrio Mopatis, to Tyrion Lannister

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