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The Iron Islands and the location of Hammerhorn
The Iron Islands and the location of Hammerhorn
The Iron Islands and the location of Hammerhorn[1]

Hammerhorn, also called the Hammerhorn,[2] is the seat of the main line of House Goodbrother in the Iron Islands. The castle lies in the Hardstone Hills[2] in the southwest of Great Wyk.[1] Its maester is Murenmure.[2]


Hammerhorn by Yoann Boissonnet © Fantasy Flight Games

A large square castle, Hammerhorn has spiky iron battlements. The stones used for its construction were quarried from the cliff behind it. Below its main entrance lie the openings to the mines and caves within which toil the smallfolk in service to House Goodbrother. Hammerhorn's hall is dank and drafty.[2]

Recent Events

A Feast for Crows

After learning of the death of his eldest brother Balon, King of the Isles and the North, Aeron Greyjoy travels with Gormond Goodbrother to Hammerhorn to meet with the youth's father, Lord Gorold. Aeron wants to speak with Gorold alone, but the Lord of Hammerhorn insists that Maester Murenmure remain. Aeron is shocked to learn that his hated elder brother, Euron Crow's Eye, has claimed the Seastone Chair. The Damphair departs Hammerhorn for Pebbleton.[2]

Chapters that take place at Hammerhorn


Gorold's keep was hulking and blocky, its great stones quarried from the cliff that loomed behind it. Below its walls, the entrances of caves and ancient mines yawned like toothless black mouths.[2]

—thoughts of Aeron Greyjoy


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