Harmune (archmaester)

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Archmaester.svg Archmaester
Title Archmaester
Allegiance The Citadel
Book The World of Ice & Fire (mentioned)

Harmune was an archmaester at the Citadel. He wrote Watchers on the Wall, which recounts many legends of the Nightfort.[1]

He also wrote Etched in Stone, a catalog of Andal stone carvings found throughout the Vale. He theorizes that, over time, Andals became more devoted to the symbol of the seven-pointed star and the symbol of the axe fell by the wayside. However, Maester Evlyn argues that what Harmune calls axes were in fact hammers, the sign of the Smith, explaining the irregularity of the depictions of these hammers as the results of the Andals being warriors, not artisans.[2]


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