Hoare Castle

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Hoare Castle was a castle on Great Wyk and one of the seats of House Hoare when they ruled as Kings of the Iron Islands.[1]


House Hoare was originally from Orkmont.[2] It is unknown when Hoare Castle was built on Great Wyk.

King Harmund III Hoare was overthrown by the priests of the Drowned God, who imprisoned the king in Hoare Castle, crowned his brother, Hagon, and mutilated their mother, Dowager Queen Lelia Lannister. In retaliation, House Lannister invaded the Iron Islands. The Lannister commander, Ser Aubrey Crakehall, defeated King Hagon the Heartless, gave the gift of mercy to Harmund in the dungeon, and ordered that the castle be razed to the ground.[1]


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