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The Hogs Head was a disreputable inn in the town of Bitterbridge owned by Ben Buttercakes. It was destroyed during the Dance of the Dragons.[1]


Hogs Head was located on the north bank of the Mander, near the foot of the old stone bridge that gave the town its name.[1]


After the fall of King's Landing, Ser Rickard Thorne of the Kingsguard was named guardian and sworn shield of Prince Maelor Targaryen, the younger son of King Aegon II Targaryen, and was instructed to take him to Oldtown. The disguised Rickard tried to stay overnight in the Hogs Head while journeying to the safety of Lord Ormund Hightower's host at the nearby siege of Longtable. Ben Buttercakes instructed his stableboy, Sly, to search for coins in Rickard's belongings but he found Maelor's dragon egg wrapped in Rickard's white cloak instead. When Sly informed the inn's common room of his discovery, Rickard fled the inn with Maelor, slaying Ben on his way out. He was killed by crossbowmen on the stone bridge not long after. Prince Maelor died as well, though the manner of his death is disputed.[1]

When Lord Ormund's host arrived at Bitterbridge, the town was sacked and Maelor's uncle, Prince Daeron the Daring, burned it mounted on his dragon Tessarion. Hogs Head was the first building to be burned.[1]


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