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Note: The title of this article is pure conjecture and may be subject to change.
For the founder of House Banefort, see Hooded Man.

The hooded man is the fan-given name for a man encountered by Theon Greyjoy at Winterfell.

Recent Events

A Dance with Dragons

A blizzard heightens tensions among the army of Lord Roose Bolton at Winterfell, and several men are found dead. While walking outside of the snowbound Great Hall, Theon Greyjoy meets an unidentified man wearing a hooded cloak and a dagger. The man recognizes Theon and is hostile toward him. When Theon reveals his maimed left hand, the man laughs and allows him to continue serving Ramsay Bolton. Theon wonders if the man is responsible for the recent deaths of Yellow Dick and Roger Ryswell's groom.[1]


Man: Theon Turncloak. Theon Kinslayer.

Theon: I'm not. I never ... I was ironborn.
Man: False is all you were. How is it you still breathe?
Theon: The gods are not done with me. Lord Ramsay is not done with me.

Man: I leave you to him, then.[1]

—the hooded man and Theon Greyjoy



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