House Durrandon

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House Durrandon
House Baratheon.PNG
Coat of arms Or, a stag springing sable crowned or
Words Ours is the Fury
Seat Storm's End
Region The Stormlands
Title Storm King
Heir Extinct
Cadet Branch House Baratheon (female line)
House Bolling(Possibly)
House Wensington(Possibly)
Died out 1AL

House Durrandon was the house of the Storm Kings.[1] Its seat was Storm's End; an ancient castle raised by Durran Godsgrief, the founder of their line. The Durrandon sigil was a crowned black stag on a field of gold.[2] Their words were Ours is the Fury. Both sigil and words were adopted by House Baratheon.


House Baratheon is descended from House Durrandon through the female line. Orys Baratheon, one of Aegon I's fiercest generals, and rumored to be his bastard brother, slew Argilac the Arrogant, last of the Storm Kings, and married his daughter.[3] Orys adopted the sigil and words of his wife's ancestral line.[4] The line of the Storm Kings dates back to the Age of Heroes when their kingdom was founded by King Durran I "Godsgrief", a legendary hero.

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