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House Mormont of Bear Island
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Coat of arms A wood vert, a bear sable
Words Here We Stand
Seat Bear Island
Current Lord Maege Mormont
Region The North
Title Lord of Bear Island
Heir Alysane Mormont
Overlord House Stark
House Baratheon of Dragonstone
Ancestral Weapon Longclaw (formerly; now gifted to Jon Snow)

House Mormont of Bear Island is an old, proud, and honorable house,[1] sworn to House Stark of Winterfell. Their seat is at Bear Island, located in the Bay of Ice far to the north-west of Winterfell. Their blazon is a a black bear over a green wood[2][3] and motto "Here We Stand".[4]

House Mormont is one of the few houses to have an ancestral weapon of Valyrian steel: a bastard sword called Longclaw. However, due to Bear Island's lack of valuable resources, the Mormonts are a rather poor house. Their hall is made of huge logs, surrounded by an earthen palisade. On the gate is a carving of a woman in a bearskin with a child in one arm suckling at her breast and a battleaxe in the other. Like the other women of Bear Island, the women of House Mormont learn how to defend themselves from ironmen and wildlings.



Legend has it that King Rodrik Stark won Bear Island in a wrestling match (presumably from the ironborn king who controlled it at the time) and gave it to the Mormonts.[5]

When Eddard Stark called his banners to fight in Robert's Rebellion, Lord Jeor Mormont led the Bear Island men to war. Abdicating his lordship in the next few years to join the Night's Watch, Jeor was succeeded by his son Jorah, who earned fame in the Greyjoy Rebellion and subsequent Tourney at Lannisport. Jorah, however, was driven from the North by Lord Stark after selling poachers to a Tyroshi slaver in order to pay for the tastes of his wife. Jorah fled to the Free Cities and was succeeded by his aunt, Jeor's sister Maege Mormont. Jeor meanwhile became Lord Commander of the Night's Watch. Lady Mormont’s heir is Dacey Mormont, a tall, lanky warrior-woman.

Recent Events

Lady Mormont answers Robb Stark's call to arms and she, her heir Dacey and their bannermen follow him south against the Lannisters. Maege acted as part of Robb's war councils and Dacey rode with his battle companions and guards, being the only woman of the group. Both Mormont women are present when Robb is named King in the North.

Lady Maege and Dacey accompany Robb into the Westerlands. After the Battle of Oxcross, Maege captures thousands of livestock and drives them back to the Riverlands. Later she is sent by King Robb on a Mallister longship to the Neck to contact the crannogmen, while Dacey is killed during the Red Wedding, making Alysane Mormont the heir.

When Stannis Baratheon demands the fealty of the northlords, young Lyanna Mormont sends Bear Island's denial. However, after Stannis takes Deepwood Motte and restores it to House Glover, the Mormonts join his cause. Alysane joins his army when it marches on Winterfell, becoming one of the guards of the captive Asha Greyjoy.

The Mormont House at the end of the third century

The known Mormonts during the timespan of the events described on A Song of Ice and Fire are:


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