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House Stokeworth of Stokeworth
Coat of arms Vert, a lamb couchant argent holding a goblet or
Words Proud to be Faithful
Seat Stokeworth
Current Lord Lady Lollys Stokeworth
Region the Crownlands
Title Lord of Stokeworth
Heir Tyrion Tanner
Overlord House Baratheon of King's Landing

House Stokeworth of Stokeworth is a noble house from the Crownlands. Sworn to King's Landing, they live at nearby Castle Stokeworth north of the capital.[1]

They blazon their arms with a white lamb holding a golden goblet on a green field.[2][3] Their motto is "Proud to be Faithful."[2][4]


Falena Stokeworth was the first of King Aegon IV Targaryen's famous mistresses.

A member of House Stokeworth participated in the Ashford Tourney. Their arms were spotted and identified by Dunk.[5] Sixteen years before the Ashford Tourney, Ser Arlan of Pennytree overthrew Lord Stokeworth at a tourney in a melee at King's Landing.

When Lord Bloodraven marched on Whitewalls to quash the Second Blackfyre Rebellion, among the houses who came in support was House Stokeworth.[6]

Manly Stokeworth was a Commander of the City Watch of King's Landing. Upon his death Janos Slynt was made the new commander.

Recent Events

A Game of Thrones

Lord Petyr Baelish, known as Littlefinger, is often invited to dine with Lady Tanda Stokeworth and her daughters. Littlefinger thinks she hopes to marry him to Lollys Stokeworth. Tanda is considered by Littlefinger as a possible ally for him and Lord Eddard Stark to depose the Lannisters from power, just after King Robert Baratheon's death.

A Clash of Kings

From the time Tyrion Lannister arrives at King's Landing, Lady Tanda invites him to several banquets, hoping to arrange a marriage with Lollys.

During the riot of King's Landing the day Myrcella Baratheon departs to Dorne, Lollys is knocked from her saddle and left behind. She is found walking naked after being raped by half a hundred men, who have left her pregnant.

Falyse Stokeworth arrives the day before the Battle of the Blackwater with a small troop of men from Castle Stokeworth. Lady Tanda, Falyse and Lollys spend the battle holed up in Maegor's Holdfast.

A Storm of Swords

Lady Tanda offers Lollys to Lord Tywin Lannister as a possible wife for Tyrion. Tanda gave a pair of leather boots to King Joffrey I as a wedding present. Tanda flees from the Red Keep when Joffrey chokes to death at his wedding feast.

After being knighted, Ser Bronn of the Blackwater accepts to wed Lollys.

A Feast for Crows

After being forbidden by Cersei Lannister to name Lollys's son Tywin, Bronn decided to name him Tyrion in a move that is considered by many a defiance of the Lannisters.

Should Lord Gyles Rosby die, according to Falyse, Rosby would come to Stokeworth, since Lady Tanda was an aunt to Lord Gyles's second wife and is a third cousin herself.

Cersei enlists the help of Falyse and her husband Ser Balman Byrch in eliminating Bronn. However, the plan goes awry; Bronn kills Balman and orders Falyse to leave the castle. She flees back to Cersei begging for men to retake Stokeworth from Bronn, who claims to be Lord Stokeworth. Cersei refuses Falyse and instead gives her to Qyburn for use in his experiments.[7] Lollys succeeds Tanda and Falyse as Lady of Stokeworth, with Bronn as her lord.[8]

House Stokeworth at the end of the third century

The known Stokeworths during the timespan of the events described in A Song of Ice and Fire are:

Balman Byrch
Bronn of the Blackwater


Historical Members

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