House of Kandaq

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House of Kandaq
Seat Pyramid of Kandaq, Meereen
Head Skahaz mo Kandaq
Region Slaver's Bay

The House of Kandaq is one of the ancient slaving families of Meereen. The Pyramid of Kandaq is described as modest.


According to Galazza Galare, there is blood between Loraq and Kandaq.[1]

Recent Events

A Dance with Dragons

The House is supposedly less hostile to the rule of Daenerys Targaryen. Skahaz mo Kandaq, known as the Shavepate, serves as one of her Meereenese advisors. [2] The House before Daenerys came was considered a lesser House and its influence has grown due to their service to Daenerys. Many of the House of Kandaq are now Shavepates and serve in the Brazen Beasts alongside the Freedmen. The house are considered traitors by the Sons of the Harpy.

House of Kandaq at the end of the third century

The known Kandaq during the timespan of the events described in A Song of Ice and Fire are: