Humfrey Hardyng

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Humfrey Hardyng
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Title Ser
Allegiance House Hardyng
Died In 209 AC, at Ashford
Book(s) The Hedge Knight (appears)
The Sworn Sword (mentioned)

Ser Humfrey Hardyng was a tourney knight of renown during the reign of King Daeron II Targaryen. His brother by marriage was Ser Humfrey Beesbury.[1]


Ser Humfrey won a great melee at Maidenpool in 208 AC, and overthrew Ser Donnel of Duskendale and Lords Arryn and Royce in the lists.[1]

The Hedge Knight

Ser Humfrey participated in the Tourney of Ashford, beginning the tourney as one of the champions. In the first tilt he was challenged by Lord Medgar Tully whom he knocked from the saddle on the second lance, finally defeating him with sword afoot.[1]

Was next challenged by Ser Joseth Mallister, whom had to be carried from the field unconscious.[1]

He fought Ser Humfrey Beesbury splintered no less than a dozen lances apiece in an epic struggle the smallfolk soon began calling “the Battle of the Humfrey's.”[1]

During the first day of the tourney he had humbled fourteen knights, each one of them formidable.[1]

In the final tilt of the day, he was challenged by Prince Aerion Targaryen. During the first course Prince Aerion’s lance took his horse just above the armor that protected his breastbone, and exploded out of the back of his neck in a gout of bright blood. Ser Humfrey tried to leap free, but a foot caught in a stirrup and they heard his shriek as his leg was crushed between the splintered fence and falling horse. Lord Ashford declared Ser Humfrey the victor and awarded him Prince Aerion’s courser, but even so, he will not be able to continue. His leg was broken in two places. Prince Baelor Targaryen sent his own maester to tend him.[1]

Ser Humfrey joined the side of Ser Duncan the Tall in the Trial of Seven for revenge, wanting to get even with Prince Aerion Targaryen. He was seriously wounded in the trial and died of his wounds later.[1]

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