Humfrey Lefford

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House Lefford.svg Lord
Humfrey Lefford
House Lefford.svg
Title Lord of the Golden Tooth
Allegiance House Lefford
Culture Westermen
Died 130 AC
Gods Eye[1]

Played by Daniel Fathers
TV series House of the Dragon: Season 2

Humfrey Lefford was the Lord of the Golden Tooth and the head of House Lefford during the Dance of the Dragons.[1]

In the television adaptation House of the Dragon, Humfrey is portrayed by Daniel Fathers.


An aged man by the Dance of the Dragons, Lord Humfrey was a cautious and hesitant commander.[1]


When the Dance of the Dragons broke out in 129 AC, Lord Humfrey followed his liege Lord Jason Lannister in siding with King Aegon II Targaryen and the greens.[1] The formidable westermen host moved east to join Prince Aemond Targaryen at Harrenhal.[2]

By 130 AC, Humfrey assumed command of the westermen host after the deaths of Lord Lannister at the Red Fork and Ser Adrian Tarbeck near Acorn Hall. Lord Lefford had suffered numerous wounds in battle, and the aged lord had to be transported on a litter while the westermen slowly marched east towards Harrenhal, unaware that fresh levies from the north were descending upon them.[1]

Upon reaching the western shores of the Gods Eye, the westermen encountered a large army athwart their path. When Lord Lefford halted to confront the foes before him, black levies descended upon him from the south. Hesitant to move against either army, Lord Lefford had the westermen put their back towards the Gods Eye, dig in, and send ravens to Harrenhal asking Prince Aemond for aid, but the birds were shot down by Robb Rivers and his archers. When more rivermen turned up the next day, Humfrey was slain in the ensuing Battle by the Lakeshore, the bloodiest battle of the war.[1][3][4]


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Unknown Lord of the Golden Tooth
?–130 AC
Next known title holder:
Leo Lefford