Humfrey Wagstaff

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Humfrey Wagstaff
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Culture Stormlander
Born In 230232 AC[1]
Book A Feast for Crows (mentioned)

Humfrey Wagstaff was a knight from House Wagstaff and the castellan of Grandview for House Grandison. When already a man of sixty-five, he was betrothed to a sixteen-year-old Brienne of Tarth.[2]

Appearance and Character

Humfrey had a spotted head and hawk nose. He was a proud man.[2]


Humfrey was the third and final betrothed for Brienne Tarth. On the day of their betrothal, he told her that he would expect her to wear only women's clothes after they got married, warning her that he would chastise her, if she wouldn't obey him. She told him that she would accept punishment only from a man who could beat her in a fight. He turned purple with anger, yet agreed to put on his armor and fight her to teach her a woman's proper place. They only fought with blunted weapons, Brienne with a mace, but she broke his collarbone and two ribs. Afterwards, the betrothal was called off.[2]


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