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The Age of the Hundred Kingdoms,[1] also called the Hundred Kingdoms of the Heroes[2] or simply the Hundred Kingdoms,[3][4][5] was a broad period of Westerosi history.


In a 2012 panel at World Con, George R. R. Martin spoke of: "...The history of Westeros, and the ages before: the Dawn Age, and the Age of Heroes, and the Age of the Hundred Kingdoms..."[6] It is known that the Dawn Age ended with the signing of the Pact, and that the Age of Heroes began afterwards.[7][8]

Although the start and end of this time period has not been specified, several indications are given. King Arlan I Durrandon extended the domains of his kingdoms as far as the Blackwater Rush and the headwaters of the Mander during the Age of the Hundred Kingdoms.[1] Arlan's grandson, Arlan III Durrandon, conquered the riverlands, which the Storm Kings held for three centuries before losing it to King Harwyn Hoare during the century before Aegon's Conquest. This usage indicates that the term "Age of the Hundred Kingdoms" was still applied even during the past four to five centuries before the Targaryen conquest.

The Darklyns of Duskendale are known to have been kings of Duskendale in days of the Hundred Kingdoms[9][4] before the Andals came to Westeros, during the Age of Heroes.[10] The usage of the Darklyns having been kings both in the days of the Hundred Kingdoms and during the Age of Heroes leads to the possibility that the two time periods overlap.

Old Nan refers to "the hundred kingdoms" of the First Men spread across Westeros when the Long Night occurred.[11] Similarly, Maester Aemon states that the Night's Watch was formed after the Long Night by men from "a hundred quarrelsome kingdoms".[12] If meant to indicate the Age of the Hundred Kingdoms, they would place the start of this time period before the Long Night and indicate an overlap between the Age of the Hundred Kingdoms and the Age of Heroes. However, it has not been confirmed whether these statements refer to the specific time period known as the Age of the Hundred Kingdoms or not.

Importantly, according to Maester Yandel and Lord Albin Massey, "Hundred Kingdoms" is just common usage; Westeros was never divided into exactly one hundred independent kingdoms.[5][2]


Before there were seven kingdoms, there were eight. Before that nine, then ten or twelve or thirty, and back and back. We speak of the Hundred Kingdoms of the Heroes, when there were actually ninety-seven at one time, one hundred thirty-two at another, and so on, the number forever changing as wars were lost and won and sons followed fathers.[2]

—writings of Albin Massey

By region


The crownlands were only created after Aegon's Conquest. Prior to House Targaryen's victory, the region contained local petty kings and was also disputed by kings from afar, such as the Storm Kings and river kings.


Dorne was a patchwork of kingdoms until its unification by House Nymeros Martell during Nymeria's War.

Iron Islands

In antiquity, each of the Iron Islands had its own rock king and salt king. A high king wearing a driftwood crown was eventually chosen through kingsmoots. House Greyiron eventually made the title King of the Iron Islands hereditary, which was continued by House Hoare. The Hoares later became Kings of the Isles and the Rivers.


Over thousands of years the Kings of Winter from House Stark subdued the other kingdoms of the north. In later centuries the Starks were known as Kings in the North.


The Reach once consisted of four kingdoms which were consolidated by House Gardener, the Kings of the Reach:

Possibly once-sovereign houses include:

House Tyrell's lack of a royal history, unlike other great houses and its vassals, causes the family to seek more status and power.[23]


The riverlands of old were divided by numerous petty monarchs, although some river kings grew to become Kings of the Trident or Kings of the Rivers and the Hills. The riverlands eventually passed first to the Storm Kings from House Durrandon and then the Kings of the Isles and the Rivers from House Hoare.


The Storm Kings of House Durrandon conquered what is now the stormlands, although their rule was threatened by petty kings during the coming of the Andals.


The Vale of Arryn consisted of a score of petty kingdoms which were conquered during the coming of the Andals, after which they were ruled by the Kings of Mountain and Vale from House Arryn.

Possibly once-sovereign houses include:


The westerlands were gradually consolidated by the Kings of the Rock from House Lannister.

Possibly once-sovereign houses include:

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