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Ser Jorah did not think Illyrio planned on Dany hatching her three dragon eggs[1] © FFG
Illyrio's plans change constantly © FFG

Illyrio's plans revolve around the plotting of Illyrio Mopatis with regard to restoring House Targaryen rule in Westeros .

However most of his plans seem to constantly change, fail and only a few of them come to pass. The Golden Company eventually become fed up with Illyrio's seemingly fruitless plans. Varys appears to be very involved with making plans with Illyrio. Illyrio has made at least one trip to King's Landing meeting with Varys in the Red Keep.[2]

Behind the scenes

  • Already has in his possession, or procures three priceless dragon eggs to gift to Daenerys Targaryen on her wedding day[3]
  • Illyrio has paid Triarch Nyessos Vhassar of the elephant party enough to own him eight times over.[4]

Recent Events

A Game of Thrones

  • Plot to marry Princess Daenerys Targaryen to Khal Drogo – succeeded[3] after years of planning[5]
  • Gift Daenerys three fossilized dragon eggs – successful,[3] with an unexpected outcome, she hatches them[1]
  • Illyrio expects Daenerys to die quickly among the Dothraki[5]- unexpected outcome, she thrives
  • To keep Viserys Targaryen at his manse in Pentos – failed, Viserys chose to accompany Daenerys and her new husband
  • To have Ser Jorah Mormont informing on Daenerys and Viserys. Beginning the day Dany married Drogo - successful until Dany finds this out in Meereen[6]
  • Plot for Prince Viserys Targaryen to join Golden Company with fifty thousand Dothraki screamers at his back – failed, Drogo kills Viserys and then Drogo dies from wounds gone bad

A Clash of Kings

  • Send exiled Ser Barristan Selmy to join Daenerys Targaryen, successful
  • At some point Illyrio gets word that Daenerys has hatched three dragons, inevitably changing his plans

A Storm of Swords

  • Bring Queen Daenerys Targaryen back to Pentos from Qarth with her hatchling dragons – failed, she instead sails to Astapor, then Slaver's Bay and leaves a string of burning cities in her wake
  • Golden Company to join dead Viserys sister Daenerys Targaryen, a pliable young child queen in Pentos – failed, Daenerys ends up in Slaver's Bay

A Dance with Dragons

Once in Volon Therys Tristan Rivers had had enough of Illyrio's plans. ©TheMico
  • Send Tyrion Lannister to meet up with Daenerys Targaryen via Jon Connington - partially failed, Tyrion meets up with Jon Connington but is later kidnapped by Ser Jorah Mormont
  • Deliver six oaken chests to Griff – successful[7]
  • Illyrio plans to remain in Pentos to "smooth the way" for Daenerys Targaryen, Jon Connington, Tyrion and the Golden Company, once they all meet in Volantis[5] - partially failed, no meeting in Volantis
  • Golden Company to meet Daenerys at Volantis – failed, the Queen remains in Meereen [8] Golden Company stop at Volon Therys
  • Tyrion suggests a different course of action to Aegon: head to Westeros instead of going east - causing Illyrio's plan to marry Aegon to Dany to veer off course[9]
  • Marry Prince Aegon to his aunt - Jon Connington remembers secret plans with the Golden Company's previous captain-general, Myles Toyne. They plotted with Illyrio to eventually have "Young Griff", whom they claim is Prince Aegon Targaryen, marry Daenerys and claim the Iron Throne. Jon is unsure if Myles's successor, Homeless Harry, is aware of the plan.[8] – failed, Aegon decides to head to Westeros with the Golden Company


Did he weep for Viserys, or for the plans he had made with him?[10]

Very little of what the fat man has anticipated has come to pass. I have danced to the fat man's pipes for years, Lemore.[8]

Which plan? ... The fat man's plan? The one that changes every time the moon turns?[8]

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