Isle of Tears

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Isle of Tears is located in Sothoryos
Isle of Tears
Northern Sothoryos and the location of the Isle of Tears

The Isle of Tears is the largest of the Basilisk Isles, which are located off the northwestern coast of Sothoryos. To the west of the isle is Basilisk Point, to the north is the island of Talon, and to the northeast is the Isle of Toads. Steep-sided valleys and black bogs hide amongst the rugged flint hills and twisted, windswept rocks of this southern island.[1]


The Old Empire of Ghis founded Gorgai on the southern coast of the Isle of Tears. The dragonlords of the Valyrian Freehold captured the city during the Third Ghiscari War and, renaming it Gogossos, used it as a penal colony. Gogossos grew powerful during the Century of Blood, but the Red Death eventually spread from the city's slave pens across the Isle of Tears and other Basilisks.[1]


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