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Star of the Faith.svg Septa
Star of the Faith.svg
Title Septa
Allegiance Faith of the Seven
Book Fire & Blood (mentioned)

Karolyn was a septa at the motherhouse attached to the Starry Sept in Oldtown during the reign of King Jaehaerys I Targaryen.[1]


According to Archmaester Gyldayn, Septa Karolyn had a spine of steel and a suspicious nature.[1]


In 50 AC Ser Orryn Baratheon arrived at the motherhouse demanding Princess Rhaella, a novice of the Faith, be given into his custody. The ploy might well have worked but for Septa Karolyn, who had the door of the motherhouse that day. Whilst placating Orryn with the pretext of sending for the girl, she sent instead to the High Septon. The High Septon sent his steward, Casper Straw with thirty armed septons to the motherhouse and Ser Orryn and his men were captured.[1]


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