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Lady Baela was a war galley of two hundred oars in the Velaryon fleet. It was captained by Lord Alyn Velaryon.[1]


Originally a Braavosi ship, the galley was captured during Lord Alyn's attack during the Daughters' War. Alyn Oakenfist renamed the ship Lady Baela to honor his wife, Lady Baela Targaryen.[1]

Lady Baela was Alyn's flagship when he sailed from King's Landing to the Sunset Sea to confront Lord Dalton Greyjoy in 133 AC, the first of his six Great Voyages. When he approached the Stepstones, Alyn left his other ships behind and sailed Lady Baela into Bloodstone to treat with Racallio Ryndoon, the King of the Narrow Sea. After spending more than a fortnight in Racallio's company, the Oakenfist was allowed to sail his fleet south to the Summer Sea.[1]

Alyn visited Sunspear and Oldtown before arriving at Lannisport. During his return voyage, Alyn visited Lys and rescued Prince Viserys Targaryen.[1]


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