Lady Merryweather

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No image.svgLady MerryweatherHouse Merryweather.svg
Title Lady of Longtable
Culture Reach
Died 130136 AC
Spouse Lord Merryweather (possibly)
Book Fire and Blood (mentioned)

Lady Merryweather was the Lady of Longtable and the head of House Merryweather during the reign of King Aegon II Targaryen.[1] Her given name is unknown.


Lady Merryweather became the head of her house after the execution of Lord Merryweather at the start of the Dance of the Dragons.[2]

In 130 AC, she was besieged in her own castle by the green army led by Lord Ormund Hightower. Lady Merryweather eventually yielded Longtable to Ormund, who claimed the castle's wealth and food, but did no harm to the Merryweathers.[1]

Later, during the First Battle of Tumbleton, Lady Merryweather sent levies from Longtable to join the blacks's host, fortifying Tumbleton against the Hightowers.[1]

By 136 AC, Marq Merryweather had succeeded the lordship of Longtable.[3]


It is unknown how Lady Merryweather is related to her contemporary relatives Lord Merryweather, Jeyne Merryweather and Lord Marq Merryweather.


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