Leo Tyrell (son of Moryn)

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Leo Tyrell
House Tyrell.PNG
Alias Lazy Leo
Leo the Lazy
Title Novice
Allegiance House Tyrell
Maesters of the Citadel
Book(s) A Storm of Swords (appendix)
A Feast for Crows (appears)
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Leo Tyrell, known as Lazy Leo, is from a cadet branch of House Tyrell. The son of Ser Moryn Tyrell, commander of Oldtown's City Watch,[1] Leo is a student at the Citadel.[2]

Appearance and Character

Handsome and pale, with sly hazel eyes and a cruel mouth,[3] Leo has a soft voice and ash-blonde hair which falls over one eye. He dresses in satin striped in the Tyrell colors of green and gold. He has worn a black silk half cape, pinned to his shoulder by a jade rose,[2] and a half cape striped in green and gold.[3]

The arrogant and malicious Leo often gives mocking names to his acquaintances, and speaks unpleasantly of Dornishmen and Summer Islanders. He is disliked by his fellow students. Leo sometimes gambles at the Checkered Hazard, to the point of losing all his money and having to beg for drinks from acquaintances. He has been trained to arms, and is known to be deadly with bravo's blade and dagger.[2]

Recent Events

A Feast for Crows

Leo had been confined to the Citadel for some unspecified offense, but leaves three days early to gamble and drink in the inns of Oldtown. He stumbles onto the discussion being had at the Quill and Tankard by Roone, Armen, Alleras, Mollander, and Pate about dragons. He confirms that the rumors of the sailors are true, that Daenerys Targaryen is alive and has hatched three living dragons. He also reveals that there is a glass candle burning in the chambers of Archmaester Marwyn. After the others leave the inn, he threatens to take the virginity of Rosey, the girl that Pate has fallen for.[2]

Samwell Tarly recognizes Leo outside the chambers of Marwyn at the Ravenry. Leo is staring intently into a candle flame, and when Alleras asks him if he is searching for his destiny or his death, Leo blinks and replies, "Naked women." Sam is intimidated by Leo, remembering him from their youth, but nevertheless tells him of his deeds in the Night's Watch and that he is now called "Sam the Slayer". Leo laughs, but has no chance to reply as Sam enters Marwyn's chambers.[3]


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Quotes by Leo

Alleras: You shame your House with every word you say. You shame the Citadel by being one of us.
Leo: I know. So buy me some wine, that I might drown my shame.[2]

- Alleras and Leo

Dragons and darker things. The grey sheep have closed their eyes, but the mastiff sees the truth. Old powers awaken. Shadows stir. An age of wonder and terror will soon be upon us, an age for gods and heroes.[2]

- Leo to Alleras

Leo: Myself, I prefer the taste of Arbor gold.
Mollander: If the choice is piss or you, I'll drink piss.[2]

- Leo and Mollander

The Citadel is not what it was. They will take anything these days. Dusky dogs and Dornishmen, pig boys, cripples, cretins, and now a black-clad whale. And here I thought leviathans were grey.[3]

- Leo to Samwell Tarly

Quotes about Leo

He has a mocking name for everyone.[2]

- thoughts of Pate

Leo had two names where Pate had only one, and his second was Tyrell.[2]

- thoughts of Pate