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House Lonmouth
House Lonmouth.PNG
Coat of arms Quartered of six: red lips strewn on yellow, yellow skulls strewn on black
Words The Choice is Yours
Region the Stormlands
Overlord House Baratheon

House Lonmouth is a noble house from the Stormlands. They blazon their arms with quartered of six: red lips strewn on yellow, yellow skulls strewn on black.[1] According to semi-canon sources, their words are "The Choice Is Yours".[2]



Ser Joffrey Lonmouth was close friends with Laenor Velaryon who named his son Prince Joffrey Velaryon after him.[3]

Ser Richard Lonmouth was a former squire and close personal friend of Prince Rhaegar Targaryen. Lord Robert Baratheon outdrank a member of House Lonmouth, most likely Richard, at the Tourney at Harrenhal.

House Lonmouth at the end of the third century

The known Lonmouths during the timespan of the events described in A Song of Ice and Fire are:

Historical Members

References and Notes

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