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The Lord Confessor was a position of in the royal court in the Seven Kingdoms under the rule of House Targaryen. The Lord Confessor served as the royal torturer and was overseen by the King's Justice, the royal executioner. The chambers of the Lord Confessor are located along with those of the King's Justice and the Chief Gaoler, between the ground floor of the Traitor's Walk and the entrance to the dungeons.[1]


Following the death of Maegor I Targaryen, under orders of Prince Jaehaerys, the Lord Confessor was arrested alongside the King's Justice, the Chief Gaoler, the Commander of the City Watch and the four remaining Kingsguard that had remained loyal to Maegor.[2].

Larys Strong served as Lord Confessor as well as master of whisperers to Kings Viserys I and Aegon II Targaryen after serving as a confessor.[3]

After becoming Hand of the King to the child Aegon III Targaryen, Lord Unwin Peake named his supporter, Lord George Graceford, the Lord of Holyhall, as Lord Confessor.[4]

When Lord Torrhen Manderly became Hand of the King to Aegon III, he named the young Maester Rowley as Lord Confessor at Grand Maester Munkun's behest.[5]

There hasn't been a Lord Confessor since the reign of King Daeron II Targaryen.[1]

List of known Lords Confessor


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