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Oakenshield Castle

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Oakenshield Castle is the semi-canonical name[1] for the seat of House Hewett at Lord Hewett's Town on Oakenshield.


Lord Hewett's castle is small but strong. Its thick walls and oaken gates are reminiscient of the iron-and-oak sigil of the Hewetts. It sits above the harbor and has green-roofed towers.[2]

Recent Events

A Feast of Crows

During the Battle of the Shield Islands, the ironborn led by King Euron Greyjoy storm the castle. Euron holds his victory feast here and makes the noble ladies, daughters, and daughters-in-law of Lord Humfrey Hewett serve the ironborn themselves. Euron sleeps with Falia Flowers, Humfrey's bastard daughter and a former serving girl of the castle.[2]