Lord Marshal of the Mander

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Lord Wyman Manderly, current Lord Marshal of the Mander.

Lord Marshal of the Mander is a title claimed by House Manderly of White Harbor. It implies dominion over the mighty river Mander, located in the Reach.


House Manderly, which once ruled the riverbanks of the Mander from their seat at Dunstonbury, were exiled from the Kingdom of the Reach by House Gardener. Arriving in the north, they were welcomed by House Stark, who granted them the Wolf's Den at the mouth of the White Knife.[1][2] Despite centuries spent in the north, the Manderlys have maintained their southron faith and traditions, and uphold claims to several ancestral titles - among them membership in the extinct Order of the Green Hand and the title of Lord Marshal of the Mander.[3]

Known Lord Marshals of the Mander

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