Lord of Godsgrace

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Lord of Godsgrace[1] or Lady of Godsgrace[2][3][4] is a title held by the head of House Allyrion, the ruler of Godsgrace in Dorne.[2]

Dorne and the location of Godsgrace
Dorne and the location of Godsgrace
Dorne and the location of Godsgrace

Recent Events

A Dance with Dragons

The Lord of Godsgrace[N 1] is present at the feast in Sunspear held when Ser Balon Swann arrives to deliver the Mountain's skull. He drinks when Ricasso raises a toast to King Tommen I Baratheon.[1]

Known Lords and Ladies of Godsgrace


  1. It is unclear who this Lord of Godsgrace is. If the reference is an error, Lady Delonne Allyrion might have been intended. Possibly, the "Lord of Godsgrace" is Lady Delonne's husband. A third option is that this is a reference to Delonne's son and heir, Ser Ryon Allyrion, in which case Lady Delonne died during the span of A Dance with Dragons, making Ryon the new Lord of Godsgrace.