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Lord of Griffin's Roost was the title held by the head of House Connington of Griffin's Roost prior to the rebel victory in Robert's Rebellion.[1]


During the First Dornish War, the Lord of Griffin's Roost was murdered by Dornish assassins while hunting.[2]

When Maegor I Targaryen usurped the throne from his nephew Prince Aegon the Uncrowned, the fourth son of the Lord of Griffin's Roost rallied to the prince's banners at the Battle Beneath the Gods Eye in 43 AC.[3] Lord Kyle Connington later attended the wedding of Queen Alyssa Velaryon and Lord Rogar Baratheon in 49 AC, where he met with King Jaehaerys I Targaryen.[4] Lord Roy Connington was a favorite of Princess Saera Targaryen. After a scandal, Connington was commanded to wed the pregnant Alys Turnberry. When Connington refused, Jaehaerys had the young lord exiled for ten years, though the Lord of Griffin's Roost died in exile shortly before he was to return to the Seven Kingdoms.[5]

During Robert's Rebellion, Lord Jon Connington served King Aerys II Targaryen as Hand of the King. However, the Mad King stripped Lord Connington of his titles and lands after the Battle of the Bells. After Aerys's death during the Sack of King's Landing, the new king, Robert I Baratheon, allowed Jon's cousin, Ser Ronald Connington, to retain Griffin's Roost. However, Ronald was stripped of his title and nine-tenths of his land, and the Conningtons were reduced to landed knights.[6][7] Ser Ronnet Connington, Ronald's son, is the current Knight of Griffin's Roost.[7]

Recent Events

A Dance with Dragons

During the landing of the Golden Company in the stormlands, the exiled Jon Connington leads the taking of Griffin's Roost. Ser Ronnet Connington, the Knight of Griffin's Roost, is away in the riverlands and his castle quickly falls to the invading sellswords. After capturing his castle, Jon begins to style himself as the Lord of Griffin's Roost again.[7]

Lords of Griffin's Roost


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