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Lord of White Harbor is a title used by the head of House Manderly of White Harbor. [1]


When House Manderly was driven from the Reach by the Gardener Kings,[2][3][4] they fled north. The Starks of Winterfell welcomed them as their own bannermen and awarded them the Wolf's Den.[1] With their southron wealth, the House Manderly constructed the city of White Harbor and further developed it over the centuries that followed.[1]

Recent Events

A Game of Thrones

Lord Wyman Manderly sends his sons Wylis and Wendel to fight in the army of Robb Stark at the outbreak of the War of the Five Kings.[5]

A Clash of Kings

Lord Wyman Manderly travels to Winterfell where he proposes to mint new coinage for Robb Stark, the new King in the North, and a new war fleet for the north.[6]

A Dance with Dragons

Lord Wyman Manderly orders Davos Seaworth to be imprisoned after arriving at White Harbor to treat in favor of Stannis Baratheon, a claimant to the Iron Throne.[1] Wyman later reveals his intentions to betray House Lannister and king upon the Iron Throne to Davos.[7] When Wyman travels from White Harbor to Barrowton, his three guests from House Frey disappear while en route, after they had decided to ride ahead.[8] Although Wyman acts distraught, some suspect him of foul play.[8]

Wyman accompanies the Boltons from Barrowton to Winterfell. Tension runs high within the castle walls following numerous murders. Wyman is attacked by Hosteen Frey after Hosteen's young nephew Walder is found dead.[9]

Lords of White Harbor

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